1.Specialized courses 
AMHF's 2013 curriculum 
Training classes in AMHF are organized and held only for members of the Federation. 
1. General physical training. 
2. Theoretical classes. 
3. Mountain climbing 
4. Educational-sports assemblies. 
  • Spring-summer assemblies abroad, in the Caucasus mountains, a separate schedule. 
  • Summer-autumn assemblies in Vayots Dzor, a separate schedule. 
  • Summer-autumn assemblies in Armenia, a separate schedule. 
5. Technical training and mountain climbing for newcomers at weekends, a specific schedule. 
6. Competitions. 
  • Mountain climbing competitions among clubs. 
  • Mountain climbing republic competitions for newcomer athletes. 
  • Competitions including application of mountaineering technical skills for newcomers. 
  • Memorial. 

  A separate schedule of short training courses are organized for individuals who submit application for federation membership. 

2.Training for membership
1. Theoretical classes 
Day 1: Security rules: common basics of safe vital activity and behavior knowledge. 
Day 2. Classification of emergency situations: to ensure the viability and survival. 
Day 3. Topography and orientation in location. 
Day 4. Property and equipment used in mountaineering. 
Day 5. Training of provision rules. 
2. Practical activity. 
Day 6: Professional knot trainings. 
Day 7: Security training. 
Day 8: Utilization of personal property and equipment used in mountaineering. 
Day 9. Equipments used on altitudes. 
Day 10.  Verification Test. 
3. Special and technical training 
Days 11 – 15. Practical trainings to get membership for training courses.