• How to become a federation member?
Everyone who wants can become  a federation member.
   Requirements for membership
1) Submit an application to Federation
2: Attend a 15-day training course (theoretical, practical, specific and technical training) Training for membership
3) To do a 3-month-lasting  probation period.
     During this time members of the board carry out  a monitoring and provide the following things for the trainees:
1. Literature study
2. The process of participation in further training
3. Participation in organized events.
     After the probation period the applicant’s membership issue is discussed: in case of  approving result of the voting, a membership certificate is given by the Federation president. 
  • What is the Federation's membership to?
     Becoming a member of the Federation you will be able to;
1. Participate in events organized by the Federation (campaigns, competitions, meetings, discussions, Movie, etc.) free or at a quite low cost.
2. participate in the study and training courses organized by the Federation, and take part in the work of the Federation.
3. Make progress in the Federation (ordinary member –council member - board member)
       As well as
4  You will receive legal and physical support by the Federation

  • How to become a member of the Federal Council?
  The Council of the Federation discusses the issues of the federation and makes assemblies with the Board of the Federation.
    Members of the Federation Council can become:
1. Those members of the Federation who are the most distinguished in their success
2. The applicants who provide considerable support to the Federation.
3. Those who have been  ordinary members of the Federation for two or more years and have gained the title of "Alpinist of Armenia" .

  •   Honorary Member
      Those who have great contribution to the development of mountaineering, and to the federation support case, can get the status of Honorary Member of the Federation.