Boo Mountain Bike Park Project

The bike park will be a novelty in Armenia as we do not have mountain bike marked trailes in Armenia.

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Luba Balian on the top of Kilimanjaro

I reached that point earlier, in 4.30 hours, but I had to wait for dawn before reaching the top, to view the most wonderful dawn. read more

Winter climbing up to the mountain Azhdahak (24-26.02.2017)

Mountains help to reveal not only ourselves but also the people with whom we set on the way. read more

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2016 Summary

In the area of mountaineering 2016 was distinguished both with its multiple ascents, selected peaks and seasons of ascents. If formerly we were satisfied with region’s high mountains – Ararat, Elbrus, Kazbek, Damavand – this year it was different. read more

To The Memory of Armenian Mountaineer Hrayr Yeritsyan

On February 19 memories full and exciting evening was held at the Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation.  read more

The Federation’s New Group’s Classes launched

2015 February 16 will remain in our memory as a historic day of a new volcano detection on the map of Armenian Mountaineering Federation. read more

Our Climbers Attended the Festival in Iran

On February 1-11 we had a great trip in Iran. We received an invitation from Iran Mountaineering Federation to participate the international mountain climbing dedicated to the Revolutionary Day.   read more

Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation Summed up the Year

On October 26, in Yerevan Royal Tulip Grand Hotel took place 2014’s summary of Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation.  read more

Armenian alpinists are getting ready for Demavend

On February 6, the team of 6 alpinists of Armenian Hiking and Mountaineering Federation will leave for Iran to climb the country's highest peak, Mount Demavend, 5671 meters high. read more

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